Our DOBER DONUT brand was created in 2009. We have noticed for some years that the market for donuts has been increasing steadily around the world. We realised that in Slovenia no one has yet taken advantage of this market. We spent months researching how to create a mini donut that could be sold in existing food establishments, with a taste and price that appeal to Slovenians. A strong brand name is always important. As our mini donuts taste so good, the name DOBER DONUT seemed perfect! When we were creating our logo we felt that we needed something that represented our product and its goodness, and that was instantly recognisable and memorable for all ages. I’m sure you will agree that our DOBER DONUT ANGEL meets all those criteria!

When customers see this logo outside your establishment they will know that HOT, FRESH, TASTY, DOBER DONUTS are being served, and will call in to buy a portion, along with other products you are serving, such as ice cream, coffee or other beverages.

We have done all the hard work in creating our brand. Now we want to give you the rights to use our brand and trademark through our licence agreement, which is…FREE of charge!
DOBER DONUT is a registered trademark and is owned by Samuel and Samuel d.o.o.