The DOBER DONUT kiosk is available for all kinds of outside catering opportunities, such as festivals, shows, sports events, retail parks, shopping centres, markets, BBQs, children’s parties and corporate events.

The high-quality DOBER DONUT kiosk certainly stands out in a crowd with its bright yellow colouring and distinctive DOBER DONUT logo. The kiosk conforms to all health, safety and food hygiene regulations. Operating staff are trained in health and hygiene and provide a good customer service.

Not only is the kiosk attractive, but most people cannot walk past it without being tempted by the aroma of freshly cooked, sweet smelling, vanilla flavoured DOBER DONUTS.

doberdonut doberdonut doberdonut

Once the DOBER DONUTS are cooked, customers are served a portion of 12 hot, fresh and tasty mini DOBER DONUTS in a purpose-made cardboard tray with a plastic fork and a serviette.

DOBER DONUTS can be eaten as served, or customers can choose to have a sprinkling of sugar and cinnamon. They can also choose to dip their DOBER DONUTS into one of our tasty sauces – chocolate, caramel or strawberry.
So, if you are looking to offer the public something that smells and tastes great, and which is different from the normal food served at events (but not so different that people won’t buy it), then contact us and we will be happy to send you more information and discuss your event.

Visit our Gallery, where you can see pictures of events we have catered for in the past.

doberdonut doberdonut

DOBER DONUT is a registered trademark and is owned by Samuel and Samuel d.o.o.