Who is open to your offer?

We are looking to set up partnerships with high-standard establishments with good customer turnover. You must be enthusiastic with a desire to attract new business and increase your profits. You must be committed to quality customer service and the DOBER DONUT brand. It’s not only important for us to build good working relationships with all our customers, but also that we can work together to market the DOBER DONUT brand.

How much are the start-up costs?

There are NO start-up costs! You will be invoiced at the end of the month for two months machine rent plus for any products you have ordered from us. The following month you shall be invoiced for just one months machine rent plus any products you have ordered from us. This means you shall always be paying for your machine rental a month in advance.

Where should the machine be positioned?

During our initial site assessment we can advise you about the best place to put the machine. The machine does need a single-phase power supply, and if it's inside it should have adequate ventilation. If you are going to position the machine outside we also offer an eye-catching DOBER DONUT kiosk. A machine that is sited inside an establishment’s kitchen can be used by the existing staff who carry out the normal day-to-day cooking and/or serving of food.

Who can operate the machine?

Only staff that have been trained by us should be operating the DOBER DONUT machine. We will arrange with you a convenient date and time to conduct our training. We suggest that we train small groups of people, say 3 or 4 members of staff at a time.

What kind of training will operators receive?

Your staff members will receive both practical and verbal on-site training, using the training manual, user manual and cleaning schedule provided with each machine. Once the representative from Samuel & Samuel d.o.o. and the trainee staff members are happy and confident with both the training and operation of the DOBER DONUT machine a certificate of competence will be issued.

What literature is supplied with the machine?

The machine is supplied with operating instructions, a training manual, a cleaning schedule and certificates of conformity. All literature remains the property of Samuel & Samuel d.o.o.

When can the donuts be served?

Our DOBER DONUTS can be served all day every day, if that’s what your customers demand!

If you prefer, you could simply set specific serving times to coincide with periods of high customer volume. If you wish we will design your advertising ‘A’ boards to state the times that you are serving DOBER DONUTS. To begin with, we suggest that you attempt to sell and serve all day, and see which times are most popular with your customers.

How will my customers know that we are selling DOBER DONUTS?

We will erect an eye-catching sign outside your establishment, provide you with drinks coasters to put on your tables, and include the name of your establishment and location on our web site. You will also be included in any locally targeted marketing campaigns. We can also offer your staff sales training and advice on how to sell DOBER DONUTS.

Can I use other donut mixes with the machine?

No – the machine has been specifically designed to produce DOBER DONUTS with our DOBER DONUT mix. The machine's microprocessor has been programmed to cook each side of the DOBER DONUTS for a specific length of time. This time is based on the density, weight and water content of the DOBER DONUT mix, and ensures that every DOBER DONUT is served HOT, FRESH AND TASTY!

Can I serve the donuts with other products such as ice cream?

Yes – if you like you can offer other complementary products with DOBER DONUTS. However, we would ask that the description of the product in your menu states that they are DOBER DONUTS. For example:
"Two scoops of home-made vanilla ice cream served with HOT, FRESH, TASTY DOBER DONUTS and a topping of chocolate sauce."

Can we give DOBER DONUTS to our customers free with their coffee?

The simple answer is ‘yes’. Some establishments serve a sweet or biscuit with their coffees, and several have asked if they could serve, say, two DOBER DONUTS with a coffee as an alternative.
We have absolutely no problem with this, as it is a good way of promoting the product and getting potential future customers to try it. The next time they order a coffee they may order a full portion of donuts. So – yes – giving away a sample with a coffee is a nice way of promoting DOBER DONUTS!

How do I order more mix, sauces etc?

Once you have decided to keep your DOBER DONUT machine you will be given a unique pass code. To place an order for more products simply log onto our web site at

Click on the vendors' log-in and enter your pass code. Then simply either:

• Complete the online web order form and press send; or

• Print out the online web form, fill it in and fax it to us.

If you don't have internet access we will give you copies of our order form so that you can fax them.

To simplify the delivery process we prefer orders to be made on a monthly basis. We endeavour to dispatch your order within 24 hours of receiving it. Of course, in an emergency we will always try and accommodate our customers' needs.

Where do I buy my palm oil?

We can supply you with palm oil at very competitive prices, or you can source the oil yourself. We do, however, insist that you only use good quality palm oil.

What are your delivery costs?

Delivery is free for orders over €500,00. For orders under €500,00, normal courier or postal rates apply.

How do I clean the machine?

To keep the machine in good working order it should be cleaned regularly. A cleaning manual is provided with all machines. It includes a list of cleaning agents and step-by-step photographs showing you how to take the machine apart to clean it and then rebuild it. This cleaning manual remains the property of Samuel & Samuel d.o.o.

How do I store the mix?

The mix should be stored in a dry, cool, dark environment free from rodents.

How often will someone from Samuel & Samuel come and see me?

We aim to visit all our customers at least every two months. We shall call before our visit to see if you have any orders that we can bring with us. However, visits can be arranged at mutually convenient times when necessary.

What happens if the machine stops working?

In the unlikely event that you experience problems with your machine then please call us as soon as possible.

If we can't give advice over the telephone to fix your problem then an engineer will be sent the next working day (between 09.00 and 17.00). If the machine still cannot be fixed then a replacement will be issued on the spot. All service calls are free of charge unless the damage to the machine is proven to be user error. User error service calls will be charged.

How do the rental agreement for the machine and the licence agreement work together?

The machine rental agreement and the licence agreement are separate documents. The machine rental agreement will not be offered without the licence agreement. However, the licence agreement can be offered to customers who buy a machine, enabling them to use our products and our trademark, trade name and marketing material.

What is the minimum period that I can rent the machine and enter into the licence agreement?

The standard minimum contract is 24 months.

At the end of the rental and licence agreement what must I do to continue using the machine and selling DOBER DONUTS?

One month before the end of the machine rental and licence agreement we shall arrange a meeting to discuss our continued business together. If you wish to proceed then we shall sign new contracts.

How will Samuel & Samuel continue to market DOBER DONUTS?

Samuel & Samuel d.o.o. are 100% committed to the ongoing marketing of the DOBER DONUT brand. We already have some unique marketing material in place and will be continuing to improve it. As the brand grows we will invest a substantial amount of the profits back into our ongoing marketing campaign. We have special, seasonal marketing strategies planned and will increase brand awareness with both local and national media campaigns.
How and when will I be invoiced for the rental of the machine and for the products I order?
You will be invoiced at the end of the first month for two months machine rent and any other products you ordered from us during that month. At the end of the following month you will be invoiced for just one month machine rent and any products you ordered from us. This means that you shall always be paying for your machine rental a month in advance.

Can I charge more than €2,00 per portion?

You are under no obligation to charge the recommended price of €2,00 per portion. However we feel that this price is good value for money for your customers but still makes you a good profit. You need to stay competitive with other products such as ice cream, candy floss, and pop corn. You should also consider that your customer base will include a lot of children and students who are looking for value for money. Our Market research concluded that people from all ages and backgrounds were willing to pay €2,00 per portion.

Can I buy the machine from you?

You can buy the machine directly from us. The machine comes with a two-year guarantee. We can still offer you our licence agreement so that you can market and use our DOBER DONUT products, branding and trademark.

After the two-year guarantee has passed we can offer you a maintenance contract for the machine at a yearly cost to be agreed.
DOBER DONUT is a registered trademark and is owned by Samuel and Samuel d.o.o.