Are you looking for a new product for your customers that’s easy to produce and can make you a good profit?

One enjoyed by people of all ages and from all walks of life?

One with a taste and aroma to tempt customers into your establishment and encourage them to buy other products, such as hot and cold drinks?

If you are, then we have the answer…



And not just mini donuts, but DOBER DONUTS!

The DOBER DONUT machine will produce up to 500 DOBER DONUTS per hour, enough for over 40 servings, which can potentially provide you with a profit of €60,00 per hour!

We have rigorously tested our DOBER DONUT machine and are confident that it will make a profit for your business.

In fact, after selling just three portions of DOBER DONUTS you will be in profit!

To receive our price list and vendors' business plan, which will show you how much extra revenue you could generate selling our DOBER DONUTS, please contact us.
DOBER DONUT is a registered trademark and is owned by Samuel and Samuel d.o.o.