Kiosk Specifications and Requirements

doberdonut doberdonut doberdonut

• The kiosk is 120cm high without the roof canopy, or 205cm high with the canopy.

• The kiosk is 165cm long and 70cm wide.

• The kiosk is powered by electricity generated ideally by the mains supply. Alternatively, a quiet generator can be used.

• The donut machine requires a minimum 7amp supply and runs at 1.5kw. The kiosk, along with the other electrical appliances, needs a supply that supports 2.5kw. The supply must be single-phase.

• The kiosk must be stored in a secure place if left overnight.

• The kiosk is moved around using a small lorry with a tail lift. Access is required for the vehicle to get the kiosk close to the site. The kiosk has small wheels which allow it to be manoeuvred into its final position.

• The minimum plot size required for the kiosk and working space is 2m by 2m.

• An electric light can be fitted to the canopy, which means that the kiosk can be used at night.

• The kiosk has a sink and fresh-water tank for washing hands and dirty utensils and bowls.

• The kiosk has an easy to clean, hygienic, stainless steel work surface.

• A waste bin is provided at the front of the kiosk for customers' used trays and forks.

doberdonut doberdonut doberdonut

DOBER DONUT is a registered trademark and is owned by Samuel and Samuel d.o.o.