Donut Machine

The Machines

We think our mini-donut makers are currently the best automatic mini donut makers of their type in the World, and we’re confident you will agree.

Our machines are:

• Easy to use
• Lightweight
• Counter-top size
• Reliable
• Easy to clean
• Easy to maintain
• In line with all relevant EU standards

Our machines boast:

• Low power consumption
• Fully automatic donut production
• High-volume donut production
• A full user guide
• All the necessary certificates of conformity

The DOBER DONUT DD-500 machine can produce up to 500 donuts per hour, enough for over 40 servings.

The DOBER DONUT DD-1000 machine can produce over 1100 donuts per hour, enough for over 90 servings.

The machines can be set to produce just one portion of DOBER DONUTS or a continuous supply.

Our manufacturers have perfected the machine's functionality with the donut mix we supply, which means that the donuts are always cooked and presented to perfection.

The donut machine is available to rent under our simple two-year rental contract, or you can buy it directly from us.

With both options we offer our licence agreement free of charge, so that you can use our donut mix, trademarked name and brand, and take advantage of our ongoing marketing.

doberdonut doberdonut doberdonut

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DOBER DONUT is a registered trademark and is owned by Samuel and Samuel d.o.o.